Let's participate in the HADO EVENT

Methods of actually manipulating head mounted displays and wearable devices, strategic thinking methods to improve playing, etc. At HADO's event, let's experience various things that HADO will be more enjoyable.

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Free trial

HADO can be easily learned even if it is inexperienced. HADO CREW and staff will kindly teach you how to play HADO step by step. We will prepare drinks and snacks. Let's play & watch as we talk about HADO in a relaxing event.


At START UP !! HADO, we will teach HADO know-how for those new to starting.
We will practice seriously so that you can participate in the tournament. Aim for winning the World Cup!
State-of-the-art techno sports "HADO" will be the spring of life and your hobby!


If you want to play more HADO, join Enjoy! HADO. Even people who have just started HADO and people who have participated in the tournament can join this event. Let's level your HADO up by playing with various players. You will surely find the answer to improve your skills.

If you have any question about HADO

Please contact HADO CREW or staff. Anything about HADO, we will help you in HADO ARENA and SNS. We support event reservation and HADO coat reservation.

HADOを体験 Instructor / MC
En Kato