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HADO ARENA is the place where everyone can play the world’s first AR sport.
HADO ARENA Highlights
Three Main Demographics Visiting HADO ARENA
Sports Enthusiasts
Athletes and sports lovers who frequently train at HADO ARENA to dominate and win tournaments
Health-conscious Dabblers
Health-conscious groups and weekend hobbyists who play with friends or family for fun a few times a month at HADO Arena
Community Seekers
AR sports fans who come to HADO arena and join events to make friends and be part of a community
Why Invest
Become a Pioneer
Contributing to the Future of Sport
HADO ARENA is your chance to tap into a real eSports business. Techno Sports are growing with more and more courts to accommodate the booming player base worldwide. If you love sports and gaming, HADO ARENA is the perfect business for you!
Engage Customers in Every Society Regardless of Age or Gender
HADO attracts a truly broad age group from 7 to 40 as a both physically and mentally challenging sport building teamwork and community. The world’s first techno sport has been praised by media, local governments, academic institutes and families!
Enjoy System Stability and World-class Tournament Events
Technology developed and tested in Japan provides the highest reliability in an Augmented Reality (AR) sports platform. HADO also provides a honed league system with a HADO World Cup tournament in which players from twenty countries compete to become the best of the best.
Capitalize on a Proven Business Model and Consistent Support
An investment in HADO arena comes with business tools, the latest technology, operational expertise, and ongoing marketing and promotional support that helps even those new to the techno sports business succeed.
Concept Stores
Our Business Owner Support
Location Survey & Store Layout
We make sure you have the right location and layout for each store to maximize pricing strategies and site operations while minimizing labor costs. Drive long-term efficiency and effectiveness via site surveys and expert guidance founded in proven numerical data.
Interior Design
We provide a uniform worldwide brand coupled with in-house furnishings which properly accommodate techno sports to inject energy and enthusiasm based on the needs of each and every site. Go beyond simple brand standardization with a consistent brand image tailored to your target demographic.
ROI Stimulation
We offer a proven profitability metric that can precisely calculate the time frame until you will see returns on your investment. Get a complete picture of the potential risks and possibilities of your HADO ARENA business before ever moving forward.
Play Options & Pricing
We have defined a unique pricing system to protect the interests of every single HADO ARENA owner. Leverage HADO Academy, group and family deals, and ENJOY HADO community events to attract a broad demographic of players from those interested in some leisure and fun to hardcore players looking for some serious competition.
Marketing & Promotion
We not only provide you with strategies but also a wide variety of promotional tools to help provide accurate information, generate consistent brand awareness and solidify a foundation for sales and profits via the latest technology. We act as a marketing and promotion advisor who can ensure you gain the customers you need to sustain business profitability. Enjoy long-term success through this well-designed marketing and promotion.
Store Operation
We have prepared HADO ARENA operational manuals, videos, comprehensive guidelines and programs necessary to cultivate a staff with this expertise. Our strict quality control requires every site have certified instructors too as a way to protect the HADO ARENA brand and in turn your investment. Ensure the high-quality services only a properly trained techno sports business team can offer.
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