HADO OFFICIAL LEAGUE Launch Welcomes New Team Entries

One Game. Nine matches. Special rules. The HADO OFFICIAL LEAGUE transforms traditional 80-second three-on-three HADO matches into a new challenge of perseverance.


The HADO OFFICIAL LEAGUE launches as a long-form competitive tournament. Teams must rely on proficient teamwork to enhance the techno sports skills of each player. The League is also open for entries to welcome new teams interested in taking on this new HADO challenge.

The League is the true test of teamwork. HADO ARENA Hibiya will take center stage as the main host of the round robin HADO OFFICIAL LEAGUE tournaments. Official and non-official teams of three to six players compete under special League rules over two months. With some matches broadcast on YouTube Live, the HADO OFFICIAL LEAGUE puts perseverance and passion at the forefront of HADO techno sports.

Check out the HADO OFFICIAL LEAUGE homepage to get the latest tournament and team entry information.

HADO OFFICIAL LEAUGE: https://hado-official.com/2021season/official-league/



The HADO OFFICIAL LEAGUE Office and participating teams take charge of competitions between multiple teams conducted under special League rules. Each team earns points according to their competition performance, which determines their place in the League standings.

The League divides participating teams into Division 1 and Division 2 based on not only the team track record but also past player performance. The HADO OFFICIAL TEAM Office then separates teams into GROUP A and GROUP B through a drawing for the preliminary match-ups in round robin tournaments. The top team in each Group faces off in the championship game to decide the winner.


Nine Diverse Matches in Each Game

The HADO OFFICIAL LEAGUE transforms traditional 80-second three-on-three HADO matches into a new challenge of perseverance. A single League game consists of nine matches with significantly different rules. Each match varies the number of players, adds skill set restrictions, and tests the all-around strength of teams and players.



Match 1:          Standard 3-on-3

Match 2:          3-on-3 Ball Size 1 (Ball Size of 1 for All Players)

Match 3:          Standard 2-on-2

Match 4:          3-on-3 Shield 1 (Shield of 1 for All Players)

Match 5:          Standard 3-on-3

Match 6:          3-on-3 Triple Three (3331 Skill Set for All Players)

Match 7:          Standard 1-on-1

Match 8:          3-on-3 Status 20 (20 or less total Skill Set points per team)

Match 9:          Standard 3-on-3


Tournament Prizes

The HADO OFFICIAL LEAGUE provides an array of cash prizes. Sponsors award winners and runners up these prizes upon entry in the next tournament.

<Division 1>                                        <Division 2>

Winner: ¥80,000                               Winner: ¥ 48,000

Runner Up: ¥50,000                        Runner Up: ¥30,000


Entry Period and Tournament Schedule

Now is your time to get into the game. Team entries are open for all to take on a new techno sports challenge to test both skill and will.


Entry period: Monday, February 1 to Friday, February 26, 2021

Tournament match-ups and schedule: To be announced Thursday, March 4, 2021

Tournament: Friday, March 12, 2021

*The schedule is subject to change.


Contact: HADO Official League Office