SPRING SEASON 2020 Competition Schedule Announcement!

Happy new year! We look forward to another fantastic year with everyone on the HADO court!


Let’s kick off 2020 without delay! HADO is divided into three seasons each year—the SPRING SEASON, SUMMER SEASON, and CLIMAX SEASON. The first season is the SPRING season set to hit the courts February 2, 2020!

SPRING SEASON Competition Schedule

The HADO SPRING CUP 2020 Japan Championship to determine the champion of the SRPING SEASON has been set for Saturday, May 15, 2020 (subject to change due to venue availability).

Eight teams qualify for the SPRING CUP by either earning one of the top four spots in the HADO Japan Rankings one month before the tournament or beating out the competition at the preliminary qualifiers to become one of the top four teams.

*Please see this information for details about the grade and entry requirements of each competition.
*Competition entries are scheduled to open at noon on Wednesday, January 15, 2020.
*The period to make changes to official team rosters (open season) runs from Thursday, December 2019 to Saturday, February 1, 2020.
*The venues and dates for competitions are subject to change.
*A GRAND:  OPEN Tournament is not presently scheduled for this season.
*The JAPAN LEAGUE FINALS held on January 10, 2020 shall be held with the team roster at the end of the CLIMAX SEASON.

The HADO JAPAN LEAGUE- SPRING STAGE will also of course be held for veteran teams who competed in the HADO WORLD CUP 2019! Details about this tournament will be released soon.

■ HADO Version for the SPRING SEASON ■

The SPRING SEASON will adopt the latest version of HADO (ver. 2020.1). The main changes in this update implement parameter adjustments and out-of-bounds penalties.

On-site arena tests begin from Tuesday, January 7, 2020 on the free-play courts at THE 3RD PLANET. If this version shows no issues in this test, it will be gradually deployed to other main arenas from Monday, January 20, 2020.

*Please note that the date to adopt the new HADO version is subject to change.
*The timing to adopt the new version differs according to each arena. Please note we cannot provide a specific date of adoption.