Two More Teams Qualify for the HADO WORLD CUP 2019!

The HADO WORLD CUP 2019 is set to hit Shibuya Hikarie Hall in Tokyo on Sunday, December 15, 2019. This world championship brings together the top sixteen techno sports teams from nine countries and regions around the globe.


We have already announced Wacha Wacha☆People, iXA/ANATSUCHI, Wacha Gonna☆People, and Hubris as the first four teams to qualify to compete based on the Japan HADO Rankings as of November 15, 2019.

Today, we are pleased to announce Chariot and BuG Bro. have qualified and will head into the fierce techno sports battles sure to await at the HADO WORLD CUP 2019. Chariot and BuG Bro. earned their spots at this global tournament by placing first and second at the HADO WORLD CUP preliminary held on Sunday, November 17, 2019.


Chariot is a relatively new team on the HADO scene with less than a year on the semi-professional circuit. Kishimoto, Yue, Yogoshin, and Hayato have performed magnificently in the 2019 season rising to ninth in the Japan Rankings with wins at four consecutive HADO ADVANCE CUPS. Chariot also qualifyed and competed for the first time at the HADO SUMMER CUP grand slam tournament.

Although Chariot was eliminated in the first round by top ranking HADO team Wacha Gonna☆People at the HADO SUMMER CUP 2019, Kishimoto, Yue, Yogoshin, and Hayato are hungry and have the passion as well as potential for victory against the best in the world!

・BuG Bro.

Registered as an official team in just March of this year, BuG Bro. has propelled themselves to eleventh in the HADO Japan Rankings and astonished everyone by qualifying for the HADO WORLD CUP 2019!

At their very first semi-professional competition, BuG Bro. proved their skills by winning the HADO ADVANCE CUP #13. Sususu and Gen joined BuG Bro. this season to help continue driving the momentum established by Yuto, Seira and Roto, which has launched the team to the largest grand slam tournament in techno sports.

BuG Bro. may not have the most experience on the global stage of techno sports, but their latent abilities are unquestionable. This team could surprise us all again at the HADO WORLD CUP.

Eight teams from Japan have two ways to qualify for the HADO WORLD CUP 2019:

・Must be one of the top four teams in the Japan rankings on November 15, 2019.

・Must be one of the top two teams at either preliminary on November 17
or November 24, 2019.

There are still two teams from Japan who will qualify at the coming preliminaries on November 24, 2019. Keep your eye out for the next announcement about the last two teams from Japan who qualify for the HADO WORLD CUP!