Wacha Wacha People’ to win HADO SPRING CUP 2019 with capacity crowd!

We had witnessed other exciting games of HADO, the state-of-the-art AR technology sports, at the HADO SPRING C […]


We had witnessed other exciting games of HADO, the state-of-the-art AR technology sports, at the HADO SPRING CUP 2019 as all Japan championships of spring held at the Shinagawa Intercity Hall, Tokyo on May 11.

It was the first-ever HADO championships that paid seats were available, resulting that 364 seats were sold out to the excited fans to the maximum capacity of 300. Regarding viewing sports, this had emphasized a big potential in this field of technology sports.

Here in Japan, with the soaring fever of sports ahead of upcoming big sports event, the Tokyo Olympics 2020, we have anticipated seeing an accelerated growth of HADO as a new sport representing ones in the new imperial era of REIWA.

HADO SPRING CUP 2019: Outcomes

In the HADO SPRING CUP 2019, 8 teams competed against each other, including 4 teams ranked in the top four in the world and the other 4 teams qualified from the preliminary tournaments. Here are the results:

Top 3 teams are:
1st ( Prize 1,000,000yen) :Wacha Wacha People
2nd (Prize 300,000yen) :Wacha Gona People
3rd (Prize 150,000yen) :ANATSUCHI

Wacha Wacha People, currently the Japan’s top-ranked team, had shined to the second straight champion followed by the WORLD CUP held at the end of last year.

However, the final game between Wacha Wacha People and Wacha Gona People was a close one, going into an additional time, which had given us an impression that the two teams were being close to even.

Also, it was the first time that ANATSUCHI made it to the second runner-up due to the team’s steady improvement, when their further leap in the next season is highly anticipated.

The competitions had a lot of viewers through a live streaming on Youtube.

HADO SPRING CUP 2019: Summery

Date: May 11, 2019
Open/Start: 13:00/14:00
Venue: Shinagawa Intercity Hall(http://sic-hall.com/
Official Website: https://hado-official.com/tournament/2019season/spring-cup/

There were the two groups of the guests who made the competitions even more successful: XTRAP; the worldwide buzzed geometric LED dance performers, and Ringo Koishio and Miyu Mochizuki from We are not a band! MAXX NAKAYOSHI who gave the fans the chances to play HADO with.

The HADO SPRING CUP 2019 had become not only a sports competition but also a combination of sports and entertainment, where the participants were able to enjoy strolling around the booths for drink and food, shopping, and even experiencing a chance to play HADO throughout the day of the competitions.

You may not want to miss the opportunity to witness the next advanced event of the future generation’s sport at the HADO SUMMER CUP 2019 as all Japan championships of summer, on August 25!