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As the world's first techno sport, HADO introduces leading-edge
Augmented Reality (AR) technology into athletics to create a platform
able to take eSports from the chair to a real-world court.
Players must take advantage of not only their physical skill
but also strategic thinking.
HADO drives the future of sports to captivate both players
and fans in a spectacle set to grow larger than soccer.
HADO Breakdown
HADO provides an experience unlike anything to come before as the pioneer of techno sports. Players move freely across a real-world court while employing almost “magical” techniques made possible by Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

We invite you to join us as we shape the future of sports.
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Players wear head-mounted displays
and armband sensors to enter the world of HADO.
Find out how HADO
- the leading AR sports growing worldwide -
can maximize your business
65 arenas are already up and running in 26 countries around the world.
HADO's growth toward a professional techno sport provides massive tournaments the likes of the HADO World Cup.
The total prize money offered across all HADO tournaments in 2018 reached $128,000 USD.
Millions of players enjoy the challenge of techno sports on HADO courts around the globe.
The unique business of HADO has been featured by hundreds of media outlets.

What are HADO's advantages?
Play regardless of age or ability.
  • Anyone regardless of age, gender or ability can jump right into the exciting sport of HADO by simply putting on the head-mounted display and armband sensor.
  • HADO leads the integration of sports and technology by balancing athletic ability and strategic skill in order to offer athletic enjoyment to everyone.
  • Almost all of the teams that lead the tournament circuit are coed teams.
  • The target demographic for HADO is simply people passionate about sports.
HADO attracts players across all generations as a techno sport that is easy to start playing yet offers extreme depth.
  • Each player can strategically customize their individual skill parameters to suit their play style while taking advantage of the other team's weaknesses.
  • HADO offers a broad range of competition from one-on-one to three-on-three matches (maximum of six players). Players must adapt their strategy to each format in order to win.
  • Driven by technology, HADO stores invaluable player data through a dedicated application for players to review and analyze their performance.
  • The HADO season offers official tournaments and rankings on an almost weekly basis.
HADO saves space with minimal court size.
  • The profound sport of HADO requires minimal space, which offers more potential earnings to business proprietors.
  • The HADO court is only one-third the size of a tennis court and one-ninth the size of a futsal court.
  • HADO maximizes recreational space whether a newly built facility or an existing business location.
  • HADO revitalizes areas with a low operating rate into a space which can attract a wealth of new customers.
Drive your business with the future of sports!
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