HADO Wins the Pitch Roadshow at Blue Planet × Sino Track Innovation Camp!

meleap, inc. Executive Officer Lim Sing Kent presented the future of HADO techno sports at the Blue Planet × Sino Track Innovation Camp on November 17, 2019. Lim Sing Kent fielded sharp, frank questions from the on-site judges, investors and industry experts to earn HADO the first prize in this series of roadshow pitches from seven brilliant international startups.


・HADO Roadshow Pitch

COMB+, Xinhuanet and other venture and media companies hosted the Blue Planet x Sino Track Innovation Camp as a powerful technological and cultural forum aimed to accelerate the future potential of seven startups from Russia, Japan, Spain and China.

The unique sponsorship of COMB+ as an incubator and Xinhuanet as a national news agency crosses conventional boundaries to create harmony between technology and culture. The purpose of this unique amalgamation is to help ground brilliant vision in down to earth ideas.

As the techno sport driving the future of sports, HADO not only brings cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology to real-world sports but also forges the dawn of a completely new sports culture.

meleap, inc. Executive Officer Lim Sing Kent shared CEO Hiroshi Fukuda’s lofty vision to make his childhood dream of firing energy balls from his hands a reality. Today, HADO gives almost magical power to not only players but also spectators and fans via technology on and off the court.

(meleap Executive Officer Lim Sign Kent giving presentation about HADO)

The grassroots approach to cultivate a HADO player base via location-based businesses while spearheading a professional HADO league worldwide to broaden the fan base captured the attention of the on-site judges, investors and industry experts.

The judging panel scrutinized the presentations of all those who pitched at the roadshow with frank and pointed questions about each startup. When all was said and done, HADO was declared the top startup to present at the Blue Planet × Sino Track Innovation Camp.

Executive Officer Lim Sign Kent was honored to be presented the first prize trophy by none other than the Steve Hoffman—chair of the judging panel and renowned CEO of Founder Space, one of the world’s leading incubators and accelerators.

(Steve Hoffman on the left)

Capitalizing on this success, HADO will expand the reach of techno sports in China and the rest of the world to realize its vision of pioneering HADO as a professional sport set to surpass that of soccer.

Dream Together, Rock in China:
COMB+ and the Sino Track Program

The COMB+ Investment Alliance has more than 300 investment alliance partners, 200 alumni, 100 global partners and over 90 innovation events. The focus of this alliance is a unique “platform + investment” business model that provides entrepreneurship services and investing to early-stage startups in technology and cultural industries.

COMB+ built the Sino Track program over many years to accelerate the growth of international startups in China. This program acts as a crucial guide to help startups find their way through the intricacies of a dynamic and complex market with regulatory and cultural issues which often stand in the way of entry into the Chinese market.