HADO China Launched New South China Flagship Store at Overseas Chinese Town Sports & Cultural Center in Nanshan District in Shenzhen!

HADO ARENA Overseas Chinese Town Sports & Cultural Center opens as the second flagship store in Shenzhen, […]


HADO ARENA Overseas Chinese Town Sports & Cultural Center opens as the second flagship store in Shenzhen, China, operated by Guangdong Joinnew Sports Co., Ltd., at the Overseas Chinese Town Sports & Cultural Center located in the Nanshan district in Shenzhen city on March 1, 2023!

Since the debut of the HADO ARENA Shenzhen Longhua as China’s first flagship store of techno sports in 2021, HADO has accelerated its growth in the country to generate a buzz with excitement throughout all generations. One of the world’s largest techno sport facilities has become a trend-setting destination providing not only a series of tournaments and competitions but also a variety of live events to be streamed on multiple platforms and featured by local news reports.

Now, to meet the growing demand for the techno sports boom in the country, the HADO ARENA OCT Sports & Cultural Center premiered in the Nanshan district in Shenzhen on March 1, 2023, reflecting HADO’s ever-growing presence in the Chinese market.

The HADO agency in China, Guangdong Joinnew Sports Co., Ltd. located in Guangdong province, operates the Arena on the second floor of the Overseas Chinese Town Sports & Cultural Center in Nanshan, Shenzhen as one of the HADO flagship stores. Covering 610 square meters, the cutting-edge AR facility provides all the features fans and players need to enjoy the sport, including three regular HADO courts as well as an exclusive court suitable for hosting official tournaments and events, along with training area. The venue captivates all visitors who join official tournaments or training programs, or purchase HADO merchandise to become HADO fans. Besides, this is be the perfect spot to promote the development of young generations who enjoy the perfect integration of AR technologies and physical sports.

The first techno sport facility in Nanshan fascinates both newcomers and HADO athletes

The HADO ARENA acts as a center of HADO communities, bringing anyone throughout all demographics together to get a taste of the latest sporting trend. It gives all players the best stage to shine on the court by demonstrating their skills and techniques in front of mesmerized audience. With the collaboration between Guangdong Joinnew Sports and OCT Sports & Cultural Center, HADO provides fans with the highest level of athletic facilities that meet international standards. Whether new to the sport or a long-term veteran, every Shenzhen player can appreciate the next-generation of sports at the futuristic facility that instills a motivation in players to further hone their techno sports skills.

Act as a center of HADO communities

The location of the Arena is surrounded by rich nature in a park, offering a comfortable sporting experience for all visitors who want to train themselves in the AR sport effectively. Not only can HADO fans enjoy playing the sport and socialize as a member of the community, but they can also participate in techno sport programs exclusively for families and youths, offering children a chance to learn and grow in various ways. Before the grand-opening, a series of test programs were implemented and reviewed as a way of looking for the best practice that satisfies the needs of families and young players.

HADO is a competitive team sport that focuses on hosting official competitions and tournaments to enhance social communication and the development of community. With the support of the center, HADO will soon accelerate the cultivation of various types of entertainment events and competitions based on the collaboration with other industries in the local.

Guangdong Joinnew Sports will bring together HADO players of all ages and athletic levels by providing an arrangement of local and nationwide competitions, trial lessons, training programs, and a chance to form an official team for newcomers. Together with the other stores in China, the HADO ARENA OCT Sports & Cultural Center will captivate more fans in the sports community to shape the future of techno sport in the country.

About Overseas Chinese Town Sports & Cultural Center

Since its inception in 1996, OCT Sports & Cultural Center has become one of the top-tier comprehensive sports venues in the region to improve people’s physical and mental health through sports, leisure, and other entertainment forms. The objective of the complex sports facility is to provide all sports lovers in Shenzhen with unprecedented sports experience driven by the innovation of digital sports platform and its environment, as well as the cultivation of techno sport community.

As the sports boom in China continues to grow and sports are diversifying, the HADO ARENA unveiled by the OCT Sports & Cultural Center will play a pivotal role in innovating sports experience, bringing a whole new level of excitement to all demographics in the country.

HADO ARENA | Flagship Stores in China

HADO ARENA OCT Sports & Cultural Center
Address: Overseas Chinese Town Sports & Cultural Center 2F, Dujuanshan E St, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Open Hours:Monday-Sunday 10:00-22:00

HADO ARENA Shenzhen Longhua
Address: LG Floor, Area C, Yifangtiandi, Longhua Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen (at the passage between Areas B and C), China
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday & Sunday 10:00-22:00 / Friday & Saturday 10:00-22:30

HADO ARENA Hangzhou Joy City
Address: Joy City 5F, No1, Yinxiu Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Opening Hours:Monday to Sunday 10:00-22:00