The official HADO JAPAN CUP 2021 Website Up! Announced the four teams earning their spot at the grand slam!

The four teams topping the HADO Japan Rankings earned their spot at the HADO JAPAN CUP 2021 grand slam!


The official website for the HADO JAPAN CUP 2021 set for December 18th has just been released!

HADO JAPAN CUP 2021 Official Website


The latest news and information about the grand slam tournament will be frequently updated!

Now the first four teams winning their spot at the championship tournament are announced! These teams climbed the JAPAN HADO Rankings to become one of the top four ranked teams!


【Qualification Requirements】

The championship finals for the HADO JAPAN CUP 2021 seeds the teams ranked top four in the JAPAN HADO Rankings as of November 15th.




《Top of the HADO JAPAN Rankings》

・HADO JAPAN CUP 2020 Champion

・HADO SPRING CUP 2021 Champion

・HADO SUMMER CUP 2021 Second Runner-up




《Second in the HADO JAPAN Rankings》

・HADO SUMMER CUP 2021 Champion




《Third in the HADO JAPAN Rankings》

・HADO SPRING CUP 2021 First Runner-up


・Wacha Wacha People


《Fourth in the HADO JAPAN Rankings》

・HADO SPRING CUP 2018 Champion
・HADO SUMMER CUP 2018 Champion
・HADO WORLD CUP 2018 Champion
・HADO SPRING CUP 2019 Champion
・HADO SUMMER CUP 2019 First Runner-up
・HADO JAPAN CUP 2020 First Runner-up
・HADO SPRING CUP 2021 Second Runner-up


・About the HADO JAPAN CUP 2021

The championship tournament will be held at the fountain square in the Ikebukuro Sunshine City on Saturday, December 18, 2021.

The Japan’s top four ranked teams along with the six teams beating out the competition in the preliminary round held November 21st and 28th will all battle it out on the court at the tournament for the best championship title of techno sports!

All the thrill and excitement will be streamed live for the world to get in on the action!

Don’t miss the chance to see this year’s highlights of the burning passion and fierce battles at the grand clam to decide who is the best of the best in techno sports in Japan!



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