Exclusive AR Sports Training & Competition Facility HADO ARENA Tokyo Solamachi Launched in the Tokyo Solamachi Complex on March 17!

The seventh HADO flagship store in Japan debuted as the latest AR sports dedicated facility inside the fully r […]


The seventh HADO flagship store in Japan debuted as the latest AR sports dedicated facility inside the fully renovated Tokyo Solamachi shopping and entertainment complex at the foot of Tokyo Skytree in Sumida ward, Tokyo!

meleap Inc.(Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hiroshi Fukuda), the founder of the leading-edge AR technology sports HADO which so far has been played in 39 countries worldwide, pridefully announced the launch of HADO ARENA Tokyo Solamachi owned and operated by AEON Fantasy Co., Ltd.(Headquarters: Chiba-city, Chiba; President & Representative Director: Tokuya Fujiwara) on Friday, March 17, 2023 on the fifth floor of the Tokyo Solamachi mall which has been fully rejuvenated for the first time since its inception in 2012.

AR Sports played by all generations regardless of nationality, gender or age in the Tokyo Solamachi

The Tokyo Solamachi shopping complex entirely converted its fifth floor into an indoor playground for visitors to offer new experiences and sensations that have never been seen in any other commercial venues before, where males and females of all ages can enjoy together. This intriguing spot takes everyone back to the good old days when children used to enjoy playing and running around outside their houses without any digital gadgets, while communicating experiential values of the cutting-edge technologies.

Sharing with AEON Fantasy the same business concept of providing an advanced playground to every generation, the innovative techno sport launches the HADO ARENA Tokyo Solamachi as its franchise business to attract everyone visiting the mall, one of the most popular tourist spots in Tokyo, from all corners of the globe by providing an exclusive entertainment experience regardless of nationality, residence, age or gender.

Address: 5th Floor, Tokyo Solamachi East Yard, 1-1-2, Oshiage, Sumida-ward, Tokyo
Opening date: Friday, March 17, 2023


Unlike other techno sport stores, the HADO ARENA is the training and competition facility only dedicated to HADO techno sports where anyone can get the taste of the latest trend of sports.

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To drive forward the AR techno sports throughout all demographics, the Arena set a high standard for a comprehensive AR stadium and entertainment facility to convert new comers to a “HADO athlete” or “HADO fan” who keeps coming back to the venue to play.

1. International full-size court of 10m x 6m
2. Reception desk, changing rooms, lockers, and refreshment space
3. Merchandise sales area
4. Full-time licensed HADO instructors
5. HADO Academy for both children and adults
6. Various plans available for all ages and genders to enjoy HADO either alone or with friends, families or in a group
7. Court rental available
8. Tournaments and events tailored to the needs and level of each customer group to be held on a regular basis

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One of the best features of HADO ARENA is that the services offered by the HADO instructors can be accessible by advance reservation only. The professional instructors are highly skilled in teaching programs to help players develop HADO skills and techniques in the shortest possible time as well as facilitating any types of group for a smooth and enjoyable training. These two factors dramatically improve customer satisfaction for visiting the latest venue.


What is AR Sports HADO that has accelerated its growth from Japan to all over the globe?

HADO has expanded its business to a total of 109 sites in 39 countries globally as a sport that combines Augmented Reality (AR) technology through a head-mounted display and arm sensor on a real-world court where players can freely run to compete. Three-player teams leverage their skills by firing energy balls and placing shields to accumulate points in an 80-second match.

《HADO Rules》

HADO is a simple but strategic team sport that anyone throughout all generations can enjoy regardless of physical abilities. Before the match, players allocate ten points across the four different parameters for the bullet size, bullet speed, charge speed, and shield strength in an effort to maximize their capability regardless of physical ability, physical attribute, age or gender.

《HADO WORLD CUP Digest Video》

HADO Official Homepage: https://hado-official.com/

Overview of AEON Fantasy Co., Ltd.

The company operates 1,044 amusement and playground facilities including Molly Fantasy in eight countries that contains Japan, China, and ASEAN countries (as of December 31, 2022).

Name: AEON Fantasy Co., Ltd.
Capital: JPY1,806,000,000
Address: 1-5-1, Nakase, Mihama-ward, Chiba-city, Chiba
President & Representative Director: Tokuya Fujiwara
Business: Operation of amusement facilities and playgrounds in shopping malls