12th China Northeast Asia Expo — HADO & 5G: The Only Limit is Imagination

HADO was proud to take part in the 12th China-Northeast Asia Expo from August 23 to 27 in Changchun, the capital of the Jilin Province. Since 2005, the China-Northeast Expo has brought together more than 700,000 merchants and 7,000 exhibitors from over 130 countries and regions worldwide as a platform to promote economic trade exchange and cooperation.


・Asia Expo Breakdown

The Expo this year was held under a banner to enhance mutual trust and cooperation in order to create beautiful prospects for Northeast Asia while creating a base for high-level communication, a platform for high-quality economy and trade exchanges, and an exhibition center for high-potential products.

Over the five days of the event, the Expo opened six different pavilions that included a themed pavilion centered on a new era of 5G, a pavilion for exhibitions emphasizing northeast Asian countries, a pavilion about import commodities, a pavilion about the revitalization and cooperation of northeast China, a pavilion for the health-care industry, and a pavilion about the Jilin Province.

The Changchun International Conference and Exhibition Center hosted the 5G-themed pavilion where everything state-of-the art was on display from the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the latest scientific and technological applications and breakthroughs.

This is the first year meleap presented HADO at the 12th China-Northeast Asia Expo. The exhibition was not only able to illustrate the excitement of techno sports but also the future potential of HADO-5G integration.

・HADO & 5G

HADO currently runs over standard WiFi. However, the potential of integration with 5G networks is undeniable. In an era of 5G, we are only limited by our imagination.

The benefits of 5G do not stop at remote matches. The HADO Cheering & Tipping System establishes a platform where arena audiences and live-broadcast viewers can engage with their favorite teams or live performances. Fans and spectators can use their phone to easily vote their team to the top or tip teams and athletes for marvelous plays.

5G technology is booming in China. Therefore, it comes as no surprise China Unicom, a major telecommunications carrier in China who is currently looking for content developers for its platform, recognized the possibilities of HADO and 5G networks immediately. This interest in HADO sparked meleap to join the 12th China-Northeast Asia Expo to showcase the futuristic feel of HADO and 5G.

The HADO booth at this Expo alone attracted over 600 people per day with more than 1000 visitors stepping onto the court to try HADO for themselves. The success of the exhibition led to a preliminary national strategic partnership with China Unicom.

As HADO cultivates even more profound remote play functionality as well as spectator and viewer engagement, meleap will seek out partnerships with major telecommunications companies in China, Korea, and Southeast Asian countries.

(China Unicom staff trying HADO)