HADO Becomes College Academic Program First Time in Japan!

AR sport HADO as the first academic program in college to study the creation of new sports that integrate phys […]


AR sport HADO as the first academic program in college to study the creation of new sports that integrate physical sports and information engineering!

meleap Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hiroshi Fukuda), the founder of the techno sport HADO which so far has been played in 36 countries worldwide, proudly announced the stunning debut of HADO as an exclusive academic program at Shibaura Institute of Technology (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo) in April 2022!

The college has provided its students with the chance to study the creation of entertaining new sports that integrate physical education and information engineering. In this sense, The techno sports HADO, the absolute combination of physical sports and the cutting-edge AR technology, becomes the perfect match for the college looking for an opportunity to further explore their learnings.

Shibaura Institute of Technology becomes the first college in Japan to introduce HADO to be studied in the academic course.

Japan’s First HADO Academic Program in College
【Key Takeaways】
● HADO has been introduced as a college educational course for the first time in Japan
● Design HADO physical education classes that integrate information engineering to analyze the intensity
of exercise during play as well as to examine the educational effects attributed to the sports

As the institute of technology, they pursue the purpose of the project with HADO, developing the ideas of a new sport utilizing technologies. To achieve the goal with the integration of physical sports and information engineering
● Devise a plan for new sports that can entertain players by utilizing UI/UX design and gamification technology
● Design the devices and systems to materialize the plan
● The students are given a chance to contemplate diversity and inclusion as their own issue and how to approach it via the program, the purpose of which develops an idea of new sports that everyone can enjoy regardless of physical abilities of individuals

HADO has been played all over the world in the new category of sports as the “techno sports” which integrate the leading-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technologies and the traditional physical sports. With the use of the latest technologies, HADO seldom requires physical abilities or strength for competing so that anyone throughout all generations can enjoy regardless of age or gender, which greatly differentiates the techno sports from traditional ones and has been changing the landscape of existing sports.

The unique benefit of HADO matches the vision of the project and led to the adaptation of HADO as an academic curriculum at the college.

HADO Exhibition by Shibaura Institute of Technology at Nico Nico Super Conference 2022 in April!

The Nico Nico Super Conference 2022, the user-experience huge culture event featuring video content reproduction, games, exhibitions, cosplays, or live performances held at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition and Event Halls on the 29th and 30th of April, 2022, became the first venue for the college to hold a special HADO event.

The exhibition, the theme of which was “Super Physical Education Class by Shibaura Institute of Technology”, demonstrated the powerful combination of technology and athletics to deliver the hands-on experience that opened the court to the visitors as well as exhibition match competed by HADO players. The booth also welcomed high school students who wanted to hear from the college students about the curriculum, campus life, the entrance examinations and the likes.