meleap Inc. and Ascenders Inc. Conclude an HR Partnership Agreement

meleap Inc. has entered into an official HR partnership agreement with Ascenders Inc. This partnership brings the expertise of Ascenders Inc. in managing human resources specializing in sports to meleap Inc. for the development and operation of HADO, HADO Xball and other Augmented Reality (AR) sports.


・Accelerating Growth of HADO Xball via the HR Partnership

meleap Inc. will use the expert human resources of Ascenders Inc. to overcome the various challenges faced in business and in further solidification of its foothold in AR sports. Ascenders Inc. is assembling a fantastic team of sports professionals from in and outside of its organization to take on each business, creative and athletic performance challenge.

As the initial step of this partnership venture, Ascenders Inc. will provide a business team to assist meleap Inc. in launching and fostering growth of HADO Xball professional leagues as a revolutionary new AR sport.

・Background of HR Partnership Agreement

Ascenders Inc. strives to provide solutions to human resource issues in the sports industry. Since announcing soccer and basketball teams last year, Ascenders Inc. has been seeking out partner companies that are able to engage in new sports initiatives. In addition to its track record managing professional human resources and working with major Japanese sports organization, Ascenders Inc. has also proven itself capable of broadly fostering business growth in the sports sector.

meleap Inc. is actively working to strengthen a player base and professional league management system for spearheading the launch of professional leagues in its latest AR sport, HADO Xball. Combining technology and sports, meleap Inc. has broken through convention to find avenues to new sports markets that cultivate added value unavailable to traditional analog sports.

meleap Inc. and Ascenders Inc. decided to enter into this HR partnership agreement in recognition of the synergy between the vision for AR sports and the need for unique human resources. Both companies know this partnership will greatly expand sports markets with never before seen projects that do not relay on the blueprint laid out by existing sports.

・About Ascenders Inc.

The mission of Ascenders Inc. is to nurture a culture and environment that encourages people to work and live a lifestyle of sports with the vision of creating ideal sports platforms. The company builds teams of professional human resources who specialize in the sports industry in an effort to empower organizations to grow in the sports sector. Ascenders Inc. also provides frameworks to accelerate business even for professional teams, sports organizations and companies who would like to leverage sports in their businesses.

Official homepage: https://ascenders.co.jp/

・About meleap Inc.

The vision of meleap Inc. is to give hopes and dreams to the world through techno sports. This techno sports organization is driving forward various AR sports ventures that include HADO and HADO Xball.

HADO has been played by more than two million people and has grown to 65 locations in 26 countries around the global from North and South America to Europe, Africa the Middle East, and Asia.

HADO Xball is the first techno sport to let spectators become participants in the game through a dedicated cheering application. meleap Inc. aims to launch professional leagues in Japan, America, China, India and the Philippians by 2021.

Official homepage: https://meleap.com

・About HADO Xball

HADO Xball is a sport that lets players strap on head-mounted displays and arm sensors to test their skills in augmented reality. Similar to soccer or basketball, two teams of two take the court to compete by trying to shoot a ball of energy into the goal behind their opponents while taking advantage of both offensive and defensive strategies.