Turkey’s economy channel features HADO to talk about the partnership and the future

The first economy channel specializing ecotourism in Turkey, Ekoturk TV, invited Koray Erdemir from HADO Turkey in February to talk about the future of HADO and how they are planning to gain the recognition as a new sport by the Turkish government. Here are some highlights in the interview on the TV show.


Interviewer: When I watched the PR video for the first time, I thought that I was watching one of the traditional games of dodgeball, but in a 2020 version. Is it what we call eSport?

HADO Turkey: I know very well how you felt about HADO when you saw it first. Yes, it’s a 2020 version of dodgeball, but not an eSport. HADO is the world’s first techno sport combined with the leading-edge technology and sports. Unlike eSports, players can run freely on a real-world court while using their physical skill, not being stuck in the room to sit in front of the screen. In addition, HADO is suited for people of all ages from schoolchildren to the elderly since physical disadvantages do not matter in the sport.

Interviewer: How is the relationship with eSport Federation in Turkey going on?

HADO Turkey: We are in a good relationship with both the Sport Ministry and the eSport Federation. We hope that HADO will be officially recognized as a sport by the eSport Federation by the end of this month. In the aftermath, we will be able to gain the government’s support in many ways when increasing the players or organizing trainings, camps, and of course official tournaments.

Just several days before the show, HADO Turkey was invited by the Sports Ministry to introduce the sport, where the managers of the Ministry had a chance to play HADO. They also met with the president of the eSports Federation to proceed with their partnership.

After the agreement with the Sports Ministry and the eSports Federation in March to gain the official recognition as one of the sport branches in Turkey, HADO Turkey will plan to organize official national teams, players, camps, and the first-ever national eSports tournament in May in the framework of the partnership with the government. The team which takes the championship title in the tournament will get a ticket to the HADO World Cup 2020 to be held in December in Tokyo.

As excited about the soon-to-be-launched professional leagues in multiple countries in the world, we are also looking forward to seeing the growth in enthusiasm of HADO in Turkey in the near future.